Volunteers are the backbone of our communities, especially when it comes to providing youth provisioning.  Volunteers enable activities to take place which would otherwise not happen because of lack of funding.  Volunteering also offers great opportunities for people to gain new skills and experience and build personal confidence. 


BYCP works to ensure that our volunteers are high quality and committed individuals who can provide young people across the county with; ‘somewhere to go’, ‘something to do’ and ‘someone to talk to’. In this way, we offer routes into volunteering for young people as well.

Our volunteers come to us from all walks of life, from those who have been involved with us for decades through their connections with BYCP, to young people who are looking to enhance their skills. Some volunteers respond to our campaigns and others just feel passionately about supporting children and young people. Others just want to meet new people or just want to have fun!

We understand that each one of you chooses to give us your time for different reasons and we will work hard to ensure those motivations continue to be met. We want every one of you to get the maximum benefit out of your time with us because we never forget that every one of you is absolutely vital to our work.