Our Story

BYCP has served the community of Britwell and surrounding areas for almost 60 years.  The club was purpose built as a 'Boys Club' in the late 1950’s and worked in partnership with a youth centre further up Wentworth Avenue as well as a children’s play centre on Long Furlong Drive. Between the three sites, we managed to provide a much needed youth service to hundreds of children and young people every week.

In the 1990’s the 'Boys Club' changed its name to 'Britwell Youth and Community Project' (BYCP) which better reflected the work it was then engaged in. With the demise of Berkshire County Council and the arrival of Unitary Authorities in 1998, the new authority closed both the youth centre and the Children’s Play Centre, leaving BYCP as the only provider of youth services on the Britwell Estate.

BYCP has only survived because it is a voluntary centre, it is owned by it's trustees and is managed by it's own Management Committee. It has always had to raise a great proportion of its own running costs both in paying part time staff and the up keep and renovation of the building and the equipment.

The building is used primarily for youth related activity, but also houses other community groups on a regular basis.