9th Jul '18

Young People Work Towards Leadership Qualification

On Friday May 18th, 13 young people from the Britwell Youth and Community Project (BYCP) got stuck into a variety of challenging activities for the weekend at Woodrow High House in Amersham.  

Accompanied by four staff members, the young people aged 14+ worked towards a level one young leader qualification by partaking in activities such as; archery, challenge course, pioneering, low ropes, swimming, sports and games.

BYCP youth worker Jo Madden said; ‘’This trip was a fantastic opportunity for the young people to develop their leadership skills. They undertook many challenging activities which they carried out with determination and grace.’’

Throughout the course participants were provided with opportunities and support to improve key skills, with a focus on confidence, communication, planning, problem solving, resilience, teamwork and of course leadership.

As part of the qualification, participants will also be qualified to volunteer as young leaders within the BYCP. From this group of young leaders, the BYCP will form its youth board, giving young people the opportunity to have their voice heard and utilize their new acquired skills from the leadership program.  

BYCP member Abbie Booth said; ‘‘Being able to have the chance to go on this trip was so amazing.  I got to do cool activities with my friends which I have never done, and the staff were so helpful and always encouraging us.  I’ve gotten to have fun while learning something new at the same time and gain a qualification out of it.’’

The young people on the trip found it to be a challenging yet rewarding experience and are already encouraging other young people from the BYCP to join in on the next leadership program which will take place in August giving the young people from this group a chance to oversee the activities alongside staff.

The program was funded by the Big Lottery Fund and supported by Berkshire Youth.